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Have you been affected by alcohol addiction or know somebody who has?

Knickerbockerglory are making a landmark television documentary to be broadcast later this year, looking at the effects of alcohol addiction and recovery, which I will be directing.

Misuse of alcohol affects all of us. It’s one of those topics that everyone has a story about. We all know a ‘bad drunk’, we might know someone who is battling with alcohol addiction, or maybe we suspect someone close to us is and hasn’t faced up to it and are too scared to approach them.

We want to make a documentary that puts a human face to the often stigmatised subject of alcohol addiction. We want to tell a broad range of real stories that show what its like to battle with alcohol dependence, that will go some way to help break down the taboos that surround this incredibly complex problem.  We plan to address the questions and situations that many people feel they can’t talk about or would be too afraid to ask, to make a film that will resonate with its audience and potentially help people who are either struggling with addiction themselves or know someone who is.

Last year I made a series of short films exploring the stigma that continues to surround HIV for the Australian Government, which you can watch here. It’s our hope that this documentary will be just as powerful, as honest in its approach and will go some way to raise awareness.


We are looking for people who are wiling to be interviewed on camera and tell their stories. If you have battled with alcohol addition yourself, or know someone who has, we would love to hear from you. We will be filming in September and would need just half a day of your time.

We are also looking for contacts at organisations or charities that can help us with our search for people for this film.


Knickerbockerglory was started by a BAFTA-nominated and RTS Award-winning production team, and have since made series for the BBC, Sky, Discovery and Channel Four. We pride ourselves on being different to other production companies, in that we work in partnership with our contributors to tell their stories, so rather than making a documentary about them, we make it with them – being open and transparent with our shooting plans throughout the process.  It is for this reason that we have been trusted by several NHS organisations to tell their stories in an honest and sensitive way. We are currently in production for our third series ofGPs: Behind Closed Doors’.

Our production team have made award winning documentaries dealing with subject matters such as living with HIV, drug and alcohol addiction and people living in end of life care units.


If you have any extra questions or would like to chat further please get in touch at

We are very passionate about this project. The opportunity to create a film that we expect to be seen by a large audience that will help raise awareness of the issues surrounding alcohol addition and its effects is something we are all very proud to be a part of.

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