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Super 8 wedding fun

Last month, two of my favourite people, Jocie and Rory….. tied the knot on the white isle of ibiza… a few weeks before me and the beautiful bride Jocie (another film maker) got onto the subject of filming it. Jocie was saying it would be cool to shoot some super 8 film. Well about 5 years ago, a very lovely […]

Canon C100 Product Review

Last year Canon released a truly fantastic camera called the C300. You can read my review of the C300 HERE .  It took the stunning, revolutionary video technology from its stills cameras (which are notoriously hard to film video on) and put it into a camera body that was much more functional to use as well as further improving picture […]

Canon C300 Product Test

I was really excited to get my hands on the Canon EOS C300, Canon’s professional grade digital cinema camera. I own a canon stills camera that I use for video almost every week. I love my DSLR with all my heart for the video pictures it produces on its minuscule budget, but like any true love sometimes, it can bring […]

Nikkon D800 Product test.

In life I have had to make many difficult decisions growing up…. Tom or Jerry…. Neighbours or Home and Away and then the biggest decision of all Nikon or Canon. I remember just before I bought my first  DSLR being told that if I was going to be a professional then I should only really chose between these two brands, […]

Little Bit Of Black Magic

Film making is an expensive process. Gatsby recently rang in the registers at just over 100mil. Now thats fine if you have a wallet the size of Mr Lurhman, but what about little old film makers like myself, who want a shot at hollywood, but only have a Bondi budget? This is where the black magic comes in, now I […]

Twixtor Slow Motion Plug-in

NOT A CAMERA REVIEW, BUT A SOFTWARE REVIEW THIS TIME: I am a self-confessed ‘slow-motion-aholic’. My school of thought is that if something looks nice, it will look even nicer 10 times slower. In order to create good quality slow-mo footage, a camera must film twice as fast as normal to allow you to slow it down and the picture […]

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