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Super 8 wedding fun

Last month, two of my favourite people, Jocie and Rory….. tied the knot on the white isle of ibiza… a few weeks before me and the beautiful bride Jocie (another film maker) got onto the subject of filming it. Jocie was saying it would be cool to shoot some super 8 film. Well about 5 years ago, a very lovely […]

Sony F55 Product Test

I dread to think how many 1000s of hours I have spent attached to a sony EX1 while filming doco or reality tv shows. I’ve always loved shooting on Sony. You know where you are, they are built like tanks and very user friendly. Because of this – I was excited to hear that sony had released a F5 and […]

Phantom Flex Review

Sometimes, late at night, when no one is looking, I watch videos on the internet. I know its wrong, but I can’t help myself. Yes thats right… I am addicted to watching slow motion youtube videos. I spend an unhealthy amount of time watching people slapping each other in slow motion for no other reason than it just looks plane […]

Canon C100 Product Review

Last year Canon released a truly fantastic camera called the C300. You can read my review of the C300 HERE .  It took the stunning, revolutionary video technology from its stills cameras (which are notoriously hard to film video on) and put it into a camera body that was much more functional to use as well as further improving picture […]

Canon C300 Product Test

I was really excited to get my hands on the Canon EOS C300, Canon’s professional grade digital cinema camera. I own a canon stills camera that I use for video almost every week. I love my DSLR with all my heart for the video pictures it produces on its minuscule budget, but like any true love sometimes, it can bring […]

Sony Action Cam Test

In 2004 a californian surfer, frustrated at the underwater cameras on the market, decided to make his own, he called it a ‘GoPro’ and the camera quickly became mainstream and an unprecedented revolution in underwater videography was born.  Now I am not product testing a Go Pro, but In order to test the new Sony HD underwater cam, I have […]

Nikkon D800 Product test.

In life I have had to make many difficult decisions growing up…. Tom or Jerry…. Neighbours or Home and Away and then the biggest decision of all Nikon or Canon. I remember just before I bought my first  DSLR being told that if I was going to be a professional then I should only really chose between these two brands, […]

Kayaking fun and Games

I decided to orgainse a little trip up to the Hawkesberry river for a group of friends. I Write a monthly colum for Encore Magazine where I test out the latest video cameras. I am an avid GoPro users (I have owned 4 to date) and was keen to see how the new Sony model compared. Here are a few […]

Little Bit Of Black Magic

Film making is an expensive process. Gatsby recently rang in the registers at just over 100mil. Now thats fine if you have a wallet the size of Mr Lurhman, but what about little old film makers like myself, who want a shot at hollywood, but only have a Bondi budget? This is where the black magic comes in, now I […]

Twixtor Slow Motion Plug-in

NOT A CAMERA REVIEW, BUT A SOFTWARE REVIEW THIS TIME: I am a self-confessed ‘slow-motion-aholic’. My school of thought is that if something looks nice, it will look even nicer 10 times slower. In order to create good quality slow-mo footage, a camera must film twice as fast as normal to allow you to slow it down and the picture […]

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