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Sydney Fashion Week in Pics

I have always loved fashion. I’m no walking clothes horse or die hard fashionista, but I do love clothes and how fashion can give you identity. My leopard print plimsoles give me the identity of a Jewish housewife when ever I want. One of the things I miss about london (I grew up in England… but now live in Sydney) […]

JOKEY (its not lowkey)

You might have heard of ‘Brangalina’, ‘Bennifer’ or even ‘Kimye’. But have you heard of ‘Jo-key’? Well you should have? What started out as a joke (y) several years ago, never went away… and sort of became a phonomenon. Well sort of. 3 years ago I decided to move to Australia with my best friend and partner in crime Tvs […]

Go Pro Underwater out and about

I love my Go Pro Camera with all my heart and Soul. Here are a few pics out and about in Sydney underwater capturing the fun   And here is a video I shot on Xmas day on Bondi last year

Rhys Bobridge Music Video

I had just bought myself a new Canon 60D, and my obsession with breaking into old abandoned buildings was just starting. My good friend Rhy Bobridge agreed to come with me on an adventure to film a music video of him dancing, for no other reason than ‘just because’. here are some shots I took… and the final Video. Rhys […]


What better subjects than your nieces. I know I am biased. But they are F’ing cute riiight?     A video of a day in the garden with my neices. HAPPY MEMORIES

Kris Cochrane PT photo shoot

Personal Trainer Kris Cochrone video and photo shoot. Damn he needs to get himself to a gym don’t you think! 🙂   Video:

Japan – Lost in Translation

I was in Japan for a week. Here are a few of my favourite Snaps from Travelling around.  

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