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Australia…. My Adventure

Posted by on May 26, 2015 in Travel | 0 Comments

“I want to move to Australia” I said… “I hope its an adventure” 5 years…. A jeep, lots of speedos, a 1000 adventures in the Outback, music videos, Mardi Gras, milk covered boys and so many many many smiles. Life down under taught me about living… It turned out to be much more than just an adventure…. a magical time […]

Far far Outback oz

While I lived in Oz, I tried to see as much of it as possible…. and for me, the best part of Australia is the Outback. Nothing beats the idea of knowing your nearest town is over a 1000 miles away and all around you is red dirt and jungle. I love Australia for its vastness, so when a friend invited […]

A Trip to the Palestinian Territories

I originally planned my trip to Israel to visit Tel Aviv, to relax on the beach and to also visit Jerusalem. Once I posted on facebook I was coming, I was contacted by a few well travelled friends who said that if I wanted to know the whole story of Israel, then I should cross over into neighboring Palestine. Here […]

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