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Sam Salter Dance Video

Posted by on August 02, 2016 in Work | 0 Comments

A wonderful day spent in the Norfolk countryside, dodging farmers with guns filming the incredibly talented and proffesional hottie Sam Salter. I’ve wanted to do something to this track since my friend Anthony played it to me over a year ago, and this project felt just right. Shot on the C300 Mark ii with my trusty Glidecam 4000 and Ef […]

‘My… Mental Health’ Documentary

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“Suicide remains the leading cause of death for men aged between 20 and 34 in England” I am a 33 year old male, living in the UK. This means that the most likely thing that could kill me or one of my friends is suicide. I’m not normally one for nerdy stats, but that one really made me sit up […]

My Name Is…. And I’m An Alcoholic

MY NAME IS… AND I'M AN ALCOHOLIC (PROMO) from Knickerbockerglory TV on Vimeo.   MY NAME IS… AND I’M AN ALCOHOLIC – promo from Knickerbockerglory TV on Vimeo. ‘My Name is… and I’m an Alcoholic’. A one hour Docuemntary for Channel 5 to be broadcast in the 2nd week of January in a mid week 9pm time slot (exact TX date […]

Alcohol Addiction Documentary

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OUR PROJECT Have you been affected by alcohol addiction or know somebody who has? Knickerbockerglory are making a landmark television documentary to be broadcast later this year, looking at the effects of alcohol addiction and recovery, which I will be directing. Misuse of alcohol affects all of us. It’s one of those topics that everyone has a story about. We all […]

Peaking in the Peak District

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A few weeks ago me and a group of friends went to the Peak district on an adventure weekend. The wonderful guys at looked after us and we had an amazing weekend. Here is a little video I made of the nonsense!!!    

Super 8 wedding fun

Last month, two of my favourite people, Jocie and Rory….. tied the knot on the white isle of ibiza… a few weeks before me and the beautiful bride Jocie (another film maker) got onto the subject of filming it. Jocie was saying it would be cool to shoot some super 8 film. Well about 5 years ago, a very lovely […]

Tina & Her Tuners – Mardi Gras Parade Documentary

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(LINK TO FILM AT BOTTOM OF PAGE OR CLICK HERE) Sydney Maris Gras is fucking rad. It really is. If Cher was a month she would be March in Sydney. Big, camp, sparkly ridiculous and fun.  I actually came to Sydney for the first time when I was just a young 18 year old form my little village in England. […]

Mardi Gras Madness

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Last year, I was asked by Mardi Gras to film some content to be shown on the big screens at the party. They wanted some stuff shot in slow motion of hot boys being…. well hot.  So I thought it would be fun to go into an old warehouse (the Mardi Gras workshop) and take a few of my more […]

There is something I want to tell you – HIV documentary

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Three months ago the QLD government and MediaCom asked me to make three documentaries to ‘Reduce hiv stigma‘ ‘Increase HIV testing‘ and ‘Increase awareness to prevent more transmissions‘. This has been one of the most interesting and important projects I will probably ever make. A very tough brief of reminding people that HIV is something you don’t want, but it […]

HIV Documentary Queensland

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I’m a Sydney based film maker commissioned by the HIV Foundation of Queensland to make a series of short films to help educate & reduce the stigma of HIV in our community. More details about what I need and who I want to talk to are below. Despite incredible developments with medication and healthcare in 2014, we still have a […]

Estate of Mind Look Book

There is this super cool clothes shop in Sydney called ‘Estate Of Mind‘. Well I say clothes shop, its more of a fashion dudgeon. In the basement of a thai noodle store on Oxford street lives Kurt and Sylive. Two of the badest bitches of fashion land. They sell pretty ace clothes and could take Gold, Silver and Bronze at […]

Dive On In

Last year I created the below video for a dance school in Melbourne. My friend Vyninka is a diving coach with the Sydney Olympic team, and wondered if we could work together to make something similar with her divers. I want the video I create with the divers to be slightly different to the dancing one. I do a (tiny […]

Diamonds are forever

I was about to make my annual pilgrimage back to the uk for a few weeks when I got an email from a friend in London asking me if I wanted to do some work while I was home. Now I wasn’t planning on doing any work…. but my friend doesn’t work for just ‘any’ company. The job was for […]

Sydney Fashion Week

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I had an amazing time at Sydney fashion Week. Read more about it and see pictures here  Here is the video I made for Fashion TV of the shows.

Gaz Geordie Shore DNA Magazine

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Last year I spent the spring working with the gorgeous Nick Bracks on Dancing With The Stars. He asked me to film a behind the scenes video of an underwear shoot he was doing for DNA magazine. Its not every day you get asked to film an underwear shoot on a yauct with male models. So it didn’t take me […]

Dancing queens

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A few years ago I directed a TV show called Pineapple Dance studios. When we made it we had no idea how huge is was going to become – going on to be nominated for a Bafta and shown all over the world. It was essentially a documentary about a really famous dance school in Central london. The show became […]

Estate of Mind Video

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ESTATE OF MIND A friend of mine told me about this cool fashion store he had just borrowed some clothes from for a photo shoot. Now my friend runs a pretty ‘out there’ blog, so I knew any store he would be borrowing from would have quite ‘fun’ 🙂 I swung by  ‘Estate of mind’ to check it out and […]

Life for Sale

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