When you are accused of a serious crime, everything is at stake. Your family, your friendships, your freedom. Every part of your life will come under scrutiny.

The Accused tells the dramatic stories of people at the most vital and most terrifying moment of their lives. With unprecedented access, it reveals the true inside story of what happens when you are accused of a crime. Featuring the defendant, their family and their lawyers, it reveals the personal cost of every charge, watching each case unfold from the defendant’s point of view. It shares every twist and turn of this traumatic experience from their first meeting with their lawyers right up to the verdict.

CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION – Shooting 2 x 60 minutes for American network A&E, to be broadcast in 2019

UK VERSION MADE IN 2017: Nominated for best Single Documentary at the RTS, Broadcast, the Association of International Broadcasters, and Bulldog awards; shortlisted for The Griersons; and celebrated by the BFI as the Best of British Television in 2017.

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