“Candid, eye opening and joyful television”


“Genderquake hits exactly the right notes… (and) casts fascinating new light on the sex and gender debate”


“It proves to be tender, heartening and thought-provoking”

Network: Channel 4
Duration: 2 x 60 minutes
Production company: Optomen Films

As gender-fluidity and terms like ‘trans’, ‘none binary’ and ‘cis gender’ explode into the public consciousness, this series explored why this is happening and what it means for the future.
We wanted to find out what it means to be young, free, single and queer in Great Britain today. So we put a group of young adults who identify across the gender spectrum into a house together for one week. Straight, Gay, Trans, None Binary & Gender fluid.  With their strong opinions about gender and sexuality, what would be the outcome?
This was a project close to my heart, with close friends and family members undergoing gender transitions. I had seen first hand both the difficulties they had faced, but also their resilience and unique outlooks on the world. I was excited to tell the stories in this documentary and explore gender and sexuality through the eyes of the next generation and to see how things had changed in the 20 years since myself and close friends had had the same conversations at their age years previously.




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