How to Leave an Abusive Partner


Channel: 5 – 60 x 1

 “you are not alone, this is not your fault, you are just one decision away from a completely different life, and you can live free from abuse”.

In the UK each week – two women a week are killed by their partners, and the frightening reality is that I can happen to anyone, “domestic abuse doesn’t recognize age, class, cultural background or education.” 

In this film, we enlist the advice of 7 experts we hear the essential steps which would allow a victim of domestic abuse to prepare themselves emotionally and practically to walk away safely. We hear from a Policeman, GP, Independent Domestic Violence Advisor, Therapist, Refuge Manager and a Victim Support Manager who talk us through the ways and means of how to access the help and support available. 

Press: Critics Choice: The Times, The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday

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