Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins. My Fat Story (2 x 1 hour TV documentaries)

MY JOB: Self Shooting Director

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Crackit Productions

IN A NUTSHELL: Voted the most hated women in the uk and 2nd most hated person on the planet (2nd to Pol Pot) Katie Hopkins HATES fat people and she’s not afraid to tell them. She thinks they are lazy and a drain on the British Economy.. She decided to put her money where her mouth is and went on a mission to get fat. Pilling on over 3 stone in 3 months to show all the ‘fatties’ how easy it is to lose. Along the way Katie met many people who would change her opinion and show her there is much more to obestiy that just wanting a peice of a cake. A thought provoking, hard hitting documentary where Hopkins shows her vaunrable and empathic side for the first time.

RECOGNITION: Highest rating show ever on Channels history. Nominated ‘Best Popular Factual’ Broadcast awards.

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