Top 10 TV shows of 2016

“Filmmaker Mikey Trotter’s softly spoken take on a very raw and personal subject proves an uplifting gem of a film.”

The Daily Mail

“Real people, no voice over, no commentary, sometimes simple approaches can often be the most dramatic”

The Guardian
Pick of the week

“Tonight’s documentary offered all the inspiration you need to keep reaching for a mug rather than a bottle”

Network: Channel 5
Duration: 60 Minutes
Production Company: Knickerbockerglory

All of us know someone with an issue with alcohol. We followed the life stories of 8 people who have battled with addiction. What made them become an alcoholic and more importantly what helped them get sober.

A professional cellist, too stressed to play on stage without a bottle of vodka disguised as water at her feet; the former Editor of the Sun, too anxious to run Britain’s biggest newspaper without being bolstered by booze; a single mother, drinking through her loneliness and her shame at her failed marriage; a criminal who became alcoholic aged 13, grieving the loss of his mother; a local GP drinking to escape the problems of her patients; and, a student counsellor who relapsed just days before filming.

Click to watch the full film

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