My Name is and I'm an Alcoholic


MY JOB: Director, Casting, Edit Producing

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Knickerbockerglory TV

IN A NUTSHELL: All of us know someone with an issue with Alcohol. In this highly acclaimed documentary we followed the life stories of 8 people who have battled with addiction. What made them become an alcoholic and more importantly what helped them get sober.


















PICK OF THE DAY – ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Times’, ‘The Independent’ ‘The Daily Mail’  ‘Radio Times’ 

“An excellent programme. I would urge anyone trying to understand alcoholism for themselves, for a loved one, or just trying to make some sense of this madness that some of us have, to give this show an hour of your time.”

Promis Recovery Centre

I’d like to say a huge thank you for showing such a powerful program. The lack of sensationalism was really refreshing.  The program has certainly been a significant contributing factor for my mum’s decision to seek help, and as such has had a major positive impact on my mum’s life and the life of my sister and I.

Channel 5 Viewer

“As a recovering alcoholic I was delighted to watch a well-balanced programme. Previous programmes and articles about this truly tragic disease have tended to go to extremes

The programme, hopefully, will have helped a lot of people… so thank you Channel 5.”

Channel 5 Viewer

“Shot in a simple talking-head format with real people speaking straight to camera – no voice over – or commentary – the programme proved that the simplest approaches can be the most dramatic”

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