Super 8 wedding fun

Last month, two of my favourite people, Jocie and Rory….. tied the knot on the white isle of ibiza… a few weeks before me and the beautiful bride Jocie (another film maker) got onto the subject of filming it. Jocie was saying it would be cool to shoot some super 8 film. Well about 5 years ago, a very lovely boy who I was dating bought me a super 8 camera as a present and I had used it on my desk as a company logo for my production office in Sydney.

I’d never used the camera, but it was in really good condition, so I thought I would give it a try in Ibiza at the wedding.


In a time of digital film where we are so used to unlimited shooting and instant playback, it was really cool to only have two and a half minutes of film and have to wait 2 weeks to see the resutls. The irony of what I have shot is that I could have just used my iPhone and an ap, but there was something about the magic of shooting film for the first time…. having to wait to see the results  and also the amazing contrasts and tones that shooting on film stock gives. Another fun thing was having the camera at the wedding was a real talking point and for a film geek like me I’m always happy to chat about cameras and shooting.



Here is the final video. For anyone interested, I got the film processed at which I think is the only place in the uk to get film processed. I shot on Kodak colour negative film 50D as its good for sunlight. The cost of film, processing, and making digital was £60.


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