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“Viewers praise Sandi Toksvig for “sensitive” and “brave” documentary”

Sandi Toksvig

“Working on The Write Offs has been one of the great honours of my working life… I believe the ripple effect will be astonishing.“



The Independent
Pick of the day

“With a light touch.. this show allowed those too-often condemned as unintelligent to be brave and vulnerable”

Network: Channel 4
Duration: 2 x 60 minutes
Production Company: Shine TV

The UK has one of the worst literacy rates in Europe, with 1 in 5 adults considered functionally illiterate. I was staggered by this statistic. Imagine not being able to read a text message, the destination of a train, or use the internet? 

We took ten adults from across the UK who all struggled  to read and write… some of them unable to even write their own name and address. Over 18 weeks we taught them basic English skills and changed their lives forever. A gorgeous project to be part of.

It was fascinating to hear how simple things in life that we all take for granted become basically impossible. Many compared it to feeling blind, or trapped in a world they had no control of. Some barely left the towns they lived in for fear of getting lost, or couldn’t perform simple tasks, like giving their child medicine, in case they picked the wrong pills. 



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