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Three months ago the QLD government and MediaCom asked me to make three documentaries to ‘Reduce hiv stigma‘Increase HIV testing‘ and ‘Increase awareness to prevent more transmissions‘.

This has been one of the most interesting and important projects I will probably ever make. A very tough brief of reminding people that HIV is something you don’t want, but it IS ok if you do get it. I hope these films can make a difference.

I would like to thank the amazing and brave people in the films who shared their stories (some of which for the very first time!!!) and the great team at MediaCom who I made these films with. I hope you ‘enjoy’ them (a funny word for this subject matter). Please share for others to see.

I will write a full blog post soon talking more about how we made the project and all the interesting challenges it presented.  But for now, here are the links to all three films:

HIV Stigma – I have judged.. other people are going to judge me

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